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German Idioms, Sayings, and Proverbs

A look at German idiomatic expressions, sayings, and proverbs. Includes English-German glossaries for this topic.
  1. Quotations Sayings (29)

Gang Nach Canossa
An explanation of the German expression 'Gang nach Canossa.'

Da Wird Der Hund In Der Pfanne Verrückt
More about the German expression 'Da wird der Hund in der Pfanne verrückt.'

Abends Werden Die Bürgersteige Hochgeklappt
Explanation of German expression 'Abends werden die Bürgersteige hochgeklappt.'

Jemandem blauen Dunst vormachen
Explanation of German expression: 'Jemandem blauen Dunst vormachen.'

Aus Dem Letzten Loch Pfeifen
Explanation of German expression 'Aus dem letzten Loch pfeifen.'

Keinen Pfifferling auf etwas geben
Explanation of German expression 'Keinen Pfifferling auf etwas geben.'

Seine Felle davonschwimmen sehen
Seine Felle davonschwimmen sehen.

Am Hungertuch Nagen
German expression "Am Hungertuch nagen" explained.

German Expressions With Bunnies And Eggs
A listing of a few German expressions related to bunnies and eggs.

Schmalhans ist Küchenmeister
Explanation of German expression 'Schmalhans ist Küchenmeister.'

German Proverbs And Idioms
Proverbs and idioms in German.

Congratulations in German
Expressing Congratulations in German.

German Expression: Mein Name ist Hase
German Expression - Mein Name ist Hase

Etwas Im Schilde Führen
Explanation of German expression 'Etwas im Schilde führen'.

Favorite German Expression
Readers' favorite German expressions.

Similar German and English Expressions
Similar expressions in German and in English.

Da liegt der Hund begraben
Explanation of German expression 'Da liegt der Hund begraben.'

German Expression: Mit dem Klammerbeutel gepudert
Explanation of German espression: Mit dem Klammerbeutel gepudert

Für Jemanden eine Lanze Brechen
Explanation of the German expression 'Für Jemanden eine Lanze Brechen.'

Jemanden auf dem Kieker haben
Explanation of German expression 'Jemanden auf dem Kieker haben.'

German Expression: Maulaffen feilhalten
Explanation of German Expression: Maulaffen feilhalten

German Expression: Die Würfel sind gefallen
Explanation of German expression 'Die Würfel sind gefallen.'

German Expressions with 'Auge' (eye)
German proverbs and idiomatic expressions using 'Auge' (eye) - with their English meanings.

German Expressions
German expressions of saying sorry in German.

German Expression: 'Jemandem aufs Dach steigen'
Explanation of German expression 'Jemandem aufs Dach steigen.'

German Egg Expressions
Expressions in German with egg.

German Animal Expressions
A List of German Animal Expressions.

Auf den Nägeln Brennen
Explanation of German expression - Auf den Nägeln brennen

German Expression
Explanation of German expression: Das Ei des Kolumbus.

German Expression: Bis in die Puppen
Explanation of the German Expression "Bis in die Puppen."

German Expression: Bis in die Puppen
Explanation of the German Expression "Bis in die Puppen."

Money Expressions
German Expressions About Money.

German Expression: Das geht auf keine Kuhhaut
Explanation of the German expression 'Das geht auf keine Kuhhaut.'

German Idioms and Expressions
Expressions in German About Fruit And Vegetables.

German Expression: Einen Eiertanz aufführen
Explanation of German expression: Einen Eiertanz aufführen.

Das Wetter
About German Weather Idioms and Expressions

jemanden auf die Palme bringen - German Expressions
German phrases and idiomatic expressions - with their English meanings.

Knoten: Getting Tied Up in Knots - in German
English 'knot' words and phrases with the German words and idiomatic expressions - often using 'Knoten' - with their English meanings.

German Idioms with 'Weiß'
German Idioms with 'Weiß.'

Day Expressions in German
Expand your German vocabulary - From 'Guten Tag' to 'uebermorgen' - Day expressions in German. With self-scoring quiz.

German Foot Expressions
A listing of German foot expressions.

English-German Idioms: Contents
Our start page for idioms, proverbs, and sayings in German and English.

German-English Idioms Glossary
An annotated dictionary of idioms, sayings, and proverbs in German.

English-German Idioms: Greeks Bearing Gifts
The approach to the expression "Greeks bearing gifts" is not the same in German and English.

German Expression: Tomaten auf den Augen haben
Explanation of German expression 'Tomaten auf den Augen haben'

A German riddle about animals that aren't really animals.

German Expression: 'Nur Bahnhof verstehen'
Explanation of German expression 'Nur Bahnhof verstehen.'

German Expressions and Idioms with "Hand"
A list of German expressions and idioms with "Hand"

German Proverbs
A list of German proverbs that are said the same or in a similar way in English.

German Expressions: How to Express an Opinion
Ten Ways to Express an Opinion in German

Das Habe Ich Nicht Wirklich Verstanden
Correction of the German mistake 'Das habe ich nicht wirklich verstanden.'

German Expressions With Bunnies And Eggs I
German expressions related to bunnies and eggs, part 1.

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