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Lessons and Courses

Academic and informal German courses, lessons, and other instruction for learning German. Includes free and paid instruction, beginning to advanced German courses - online or in a school setting.
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Online German Course
A free online German course for beginners.

Five Peculiarities of The German Alphabet
Five Peculiarities of The German Alphabet

Five Peculiarities of the German Language
Peculiarities of the German Language

Daily German - Using German in your daily life
Tips from readers on how to use German in your daily life.

German for Beginners: Study Tips
How to be a better German-learner. Learning tips and hints for our online German course for beginners and intermediate learners who wish to review.

Find it! - Finden Sie es!
A quick-find guide: find what you need to learn German and navigate this site.

German for Beginners
Our free online course for German. Includes audio.

German Lesson Newsletters
Free newsletter courses for various topics.

German Lessons by Topic
Locate German for Beginners lessons by grammar or vocabulary topic. A helpful guide to our free German course.

Previous Articles and Lessons
Links to a large database of previous lessons and articles found at the German Language site.

Bilingual Parenting
A personal account of raising kids to be bilingual in German and English. A guest feature by Nadine Lichtenberger.

Exercises, Quizzes, Tests
Die Quiz-Seite: Find all of our exercises, quizzes, and tests for German - for beginners through advanced.

Directory: German Summer Schools
Find summer study programs for German in many parts of the world—from Australia to Europe and the USA.

Step into German
German cultural topics, from German soccer to current events.

German Study Tip: Journal-Writing
German Study Tip 1: Journal-writing for practicing vocabulary.

7 Fun Ways To Learn German
fun ways to learn german, making learning fun, german study, learning german

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