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Online German Course

German For Beginners


A free online German course for beginners: Contents - Part I > Contents Part II

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German Lessons: Beginners - Level One

Thema - Grammatik
AudioLanguage Lab: Sound files for learning to pronounce German.
Lesson 1.1Grüße: Common greetings.
Lesson 1.2Das ABC: With sound plus a pronunciation guide for German letters and words.
Lesson 2Personal Pronouns: I, you (formal and familiar), we etc. With Quiz.
Lesson 3Introduction to noun and gender: der, die, das. With German Gender Quiz.
Lesson 4.1Two important verbs: haben (to have) and sein (to be)
Lesson 4.2German verbs in the present tense
Lesson 5Common adjectives and colors
Test 1Review Test 1 (covers lessons 1-5)
Lesson 6Land und Leute: Countries, nationalities and languages. With exercises and quiz.
Lesson 7German Numbers: 0-20. With exercises and audio.
Lesson 8German Numbers: 21-100. With exercises and audio.
Lesson 9Meine Familie und ich - Talking about your family and relations.
Lesson 10Wie komme ich dorthin? - Directions and going places.
Test 2Review Test 2 (covers lessons 6-10)

See Beginner Course Contents Part II.

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