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Start Learning German


German for Beginners is our free online German course with lessons and references designed for beginners and intermediate learners. Learn the basics of understanding and speaking German. Below you will find links to our most popular and important lessons.
  1. German Greetings and Courtesies
  2. Das ABC: The German Alphabet
  3. Learning Tips for German

German Greetings and Courtesies

An introduction to German greetings (hello, good-bye), basic phrases (yes/no, How are you?), and courtesies (please, thank you). Short audio segments let you hear how the words and phrases are pronounced.

Das ABC: The German Alphabet

Learn your German ABCs! In this lesson you'll not only learn the German alphabet, but also some practical things you can do with it, such as spelling your name in German. The audio will let you hear the sound of each letter (A, B, C...) in German, as well as how the various letters are pronounced in words (e.g., the sound of the v in the German word "Vater" (father).

Learning Tips for German

How can you become a better, more efficient student of German? Here are some guidelines and advice that can make learning German easier and more fun!

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