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Reading German

Read German online and in print. German-language books, literature, poetry, newspapers, magazines, and other reading resources for German.
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German Typefaces: The Battle Between Antiqua and Fraktur
What is that funny looking German type found in old German books and on beer steins?

Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten - Dual Language
German and English versions of this Grimm fairy tale "The Bremen Town Musicians"—now with a side-by-side dual language version.

German reading selections at various difficulty levels - with accompanying questions and exercises. From your Guide.

A Beginner's Guide to Following the News in German
Helpful advice to help even beginners take advantage of online media and expand their vocabulary. With links to German-language news sources and English-German glossaries.

Dual-Language Books
Selected German literature books in a side-by-side German/English format. Ideal for building vocabulary and for anyone who wants to read German literature in the original, but doesn't have advanced German skills!

Guide to German Magazines
A guide to major magazines published in German - in print and online.

'Hoppe hoppe Reiter' and Other German Rhymes for Kids
German nursery rhymes are a fun way to learn German and are just the thing for parents with bilingual children or those who hope their kids will be bilingual.

Deutsche Lyrik - German Poetry: Article
Is German a harsh-sounding language? German poetry proves otherwise. An article from your Guide.

You've Got Mail... from Goethe - 'Die Leiden des jungen Werther' via Email
J.W. Goethe wrote a bestselling novel in 1771. Now you can read daily installments via email - in German and/or English.

German and Your PDA
Even more about using a handheld PC, Palm PDA, or other mobile device for reading authentic German online — at home or on the road.

"Eyes Wide Shut"
The Stanley Kubrick movie is based on Arthur Schnitzler's Traumnovelle. From your Guide.

German Quotation of the Day
Every day a new Zitat in German and English.

Selected verse by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. In German with line-by-line translations.

Harry Potter in German: Introduction
This Harry Potter start page provides a unified collection of all our resources for using and enjoying the German translations to expand your German.

Let Your Computer Read to You in German!
The developers at AT&T Labshave come up with a synthetic-speech engine for German and several other languages that sounds very human and far exceeds anything I have ever heard from a computer before now.

Ludwig Uhland
This German poet was also a professor and a politician. About Uhland and his works – with the text of some of his poetry.

A German resource for finding the "pearls" among German-language publications: books, magazines, etc.

Arts, essays, ideas from Germany. The English version of Perlentaucher.de (above).

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