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Resources and information for teachers and students of German. Textbooks, teaching ideas, curriculum concerns, and more for all levels, from elementary to college.
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Authentic Materials and Realia for Teachers of German
Here's a helpful guide to finding and using authentic materials and realia in the German classroom. We tell you what to get and where to get it! How to go beyond merely decorating the German classroom for teachers of German.

Deutsche Post's Letternet
An article about Deutsche Post's Letternet pen-pal service with over 250,000 members worldwide. Allows students to send real letters to people who speak German and other languages.

Das Goethe-Institut
Learn more about Germany's worldwide Goethe Institute, an indispensable cultural and language resource for anyone learning or teaching German. There may be a Goethe Institute near you, but you can also use the Institute's resources on the Web.

Back to School for Teachers and Students of German
It's back-to-school time for many teachers and students of German around the world. A helpful learning guide for those teaching or studying German.

The Best Films for German-Learners
What are the best German (and English-language) films for people learning German? Also see our poll of readers' top choices!

German-American Day and October Observances
All about German-American Day, the Day of German Unity, and Canada's German Pioneers Day -- and how to celebrate them. With suggested classroom activities and projects.

German Textbook Guide
A guide to textbooks for German for all levels - from kids to adults, elementary school to college.

Austria Today - Österreich heute
Everything you ever wanted to know about contemporary Austria, its geography, and its recent history. Also see: Bundesländer, Austria's nine federal provinces - with map.

Classroom Games - Games in the Classroom
Classroom Games - Games in the Classroom

The Beatles in German
In 1964 in a Paris recording studio, the Beatles recorded two of their hit songs in German. The German lyrics had been hurriedly written by a Luxembourger named Camillo Felgen. Learn more about the Beatles' German recordings...

Deutschland heute - Germany Today
Everything you ever wanted to know about contemporary Germany, its geography, and its recent history. Also see: Bundesländer der BRD, Germany's 16 federal states.

Using German Music in the German Classroom - Song Lyrics
Information and resources for using German music to help teach German culture and vocabulary. German songs and music - from Christmas carols to rock and rap.

Erntedankfest: A German Thanksgiving
How is the German version of the Thanksgiving celebration different from that in North America? For one thing, Germany's Erntedankfest falls closer to the date of Canada's Thanksgiving. For another, it's not a national holiday.

Famous Germans, Austrians, German-Swiss
An alphabetical list of famous and less-famous people, living and dead, who were born in German Europe. Helpful for biographical projects or just general inspiration. Click on the name of some of the people listed for more information.

German Forum
Our German Language Forum 1 welcomes teachers and students who want to discuss the German language (in German or English) or practice their German.

Herbert Grönemeyer - German Music
He's one of Germany's biggest musical artists, with over 10 million recordings sold and 13 platinum albums. He was in DAS BOOT, yet he's virtually unknown in the English-speaking world! More about Grönemeyer, his new hit CD, and his song lyrics.

Lola's Running on Video
All about the movie "Lola rennt" (on DVD or video) for the classroom... or just for fun. Facts, exercises, links.

AATG Online
If you're a teacher of German and not already a member of the AATG, what are you thinking? This is the invaluable Web site of the American Association of Teachers of German.

Arbeitsblätter - Grundschule
Arbeitsblätter für Grundstufe und Grundschule. Downloadable worksheets from this German site.

Arbeitsgruppe Online-Dienste
ONLINE-News und Links für den Unterricht vom Landesinstitut für Erziehung und Unterricht, Stuttgart.

Austrian Flags
National and provincial (Länder) flags for Austria from the World Flag Database.

Blinde Kuh
A German search engine for kids - but also useful for older folks as well. Lots of good material for German teachers and students.

CREDE Publications
ERIC Digests, research briefs and other publications from the Center for Research on Education (CREDE) in Washington, DC. Topics include ESL and world languages.

Deutsch als Fremdsprache
Der allgemeine Online-Dienst für DaF von der IIK der Heinrich-Heine Universität (Düsseldorf).

Deutsche Filme im Unterricht
Film-Didaktik für Lehrer. Deutsche Filme auf DVD für den Gebrauch im Unterricht bewertet von Paul Goossen. Mit Arbeitsblättern.

Deutschland nach der Mauer - Post-Wall Germany
German projects and resources created by German teachers at the 1998 NEH Summer Institute at the Univ. of Mass. Amherst.

Deutsch und Deutlich
Arbeitsblätter für den Deutschunterricht. 700 Unterrichtseinheiten - kostenlos zum Downloaden.

Die deutsche Einheit - DHM
1989/90: "Wandel im Osten", Der Fall der Mauer", "Wiedervereinigung". Vom Deutschen Historischen Museum.

Die Deutschlehrer-Seite (Jump Stations)
Links for German resources from the University of Alberta, Canada.

Die Wunderschöne Seite vom Herrn Schwab
German teacher Hank Schwab's "wunderschöne Seite" for North Central High in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Early Language - Nanduti
Information and resources for early language learning and bilingualism. Includes the Nandu listserv for K-8 language teachers.

EMC/Paradigm Publishing - Deutsch aktuell
Click on "Deutsch aktuell" - "Exciting materials for your German class." Exploring German middle school textbook and other materials for German.

ERIC Clearing House on Languages and Linguistics
A good resource for FL curriculum and program planning. Find directories, the online journal ERIC/CLL Language Link, and ERIC digests.

EU - Willkommen bei Europa
The European Union's Web site in German. Abc (Infos), Nachrichten, Institutionen, Politikbereiche, usw.

FL Teach - Foreign Language Teaching Forum
A forum/listserv for secondary-level and other foreign-language educators.

The German American Partnership Program. School exchanges for high school students. Government-sponsored GAPP does not charge for its services to teachers and schools.

Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM)
The GEM site lets teachers, parents or students search instructional materials from more than 140 Web sites and organizations. All levels from kindergarten to higher ed.

An online resource for German teachers - "where you can find teacher-tested materials and ideas for teaching German as well as sharing your own great ideas with others."

The German Way Teachers Page
Web ideas, projects, and links for teachers of German from the German Way and More site.

Get Me Talking - Flashcards
Downloadable flashcard sets and other classroom materials for German and Spanish.

A German site for research/homework in various subjects.

Herr Zahns supertolles deutsches Liederbuch
A collection of German song lyrics from Brian Zahn.

KHS German Teacher Resources Page
Brian Zahn's compendium of ideas devoted to organization, grading, posters, getting the new year started, etc. If you're a new teacher, don't miss these: Taking Over Someone Else's Class and The First Day of School!

A virtual community for children - with good info on topics such as the euro, email symbols, etc.

Kinder- und Jugendliteratur im Deutschunterricht
Formerly at Carnegie-Mellon Univ., Prof. Green's 'Kinder - und Jugendliteratur' materials for German are now available via the AATG.org site.

Klett International - Deutsch
German and other instructional sample materials/programs from the Klett Verlag. Pick a topic!

Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten (DW)
News in slowly spoken German! - Jeden Tag finden sie hier die 10-Uhr-Nachrichten aus dem deutschen Radioprogramm – langsam und verständlich gesprochen. Dieses exklusive Online-Angebot der Deutschen Welle gibt es als Artikel und als Audio-Datei (MP3).

Langenscheidt Publishing Group
Publishers of German Lernmaterial and materials in many other languages.

Langenscheidt KG. The German site is in German or English for international orders.

Lernort Kino
A German site devoted to using movies for learning.

Max Kade German-American Center
German-Americana site of Eberhard and Ruth Reichmann of Indiana Univ.-Purdue Univ., Inianapolis.

Max Kade - Teaching Units
German-American teaching units, including "German Immigration and Famous German-Americans," from the Max Kade site.

McDougal Littell World Languages
Publisher of AUF DEUTSCH! German textbook. Resources for teachers.

Bietet für Faulpelze eben diese, aber auch Facharbeiten und sogar eine Diplomarbeit. Dazu eine gute Linksammlung.

Schulweb is a directory of online schools in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and worldwide.

Sowieso - Internetzeitung für junge Leser
Categories: Deutschland, Welt, Halbzeit (Sport), Geschichten, und v.m.

Step Into German
A German-learning site from the Goethe Institute with audio and video resources for students and teachers.

Stufen International
Online-Forum zur Kletts Lehrwerkreihe Stufen International. Ein E-Mail-Infobrief informiert jeden Monat über das Internet im Unterricht.

TeacherWeb - Frau Havas
Nice web resource from Homestead High School German teacher Frau Havas.

Das Transatlantische Klassenzimmer
Logically, the Transatlantic Classroom links schools on both sides of the Atlantic.

WordChamp Language Learning
WordChamp offers a variety of features for German and Spanish, including course management and a web reader that allows students to read and listen to German Web sites.

Motivating Students in German Class
Ideas on how to motivate your students to speak German in a classroom.

German Classroom Fillers
Ideas for what to do when your lesson finishes early or when you just need anactivity that will last you a few minutes.

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