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New Year Greetings II

From Region To Region


The standard way to state 'Happy New Year' to someone in German is Frohes Neues Jahr. But how does this expression vary from region to region in Germany? The Augsburg University conducted a study to find out which New Year greetings predominated certain regions in Germany. These are their results:

  • Frohes neues Jahr - Northern Hessen

  • Frohes neues - Mittelrhein and Hessen

  • Gesundes neues Jahr - Eastern Germany

  • Gesundes neues - Dresden and surrounding area

  • Gutes neues Jahr - Austria

  • Gutes neues - Baden-Württemberg, Switzerland and parts of Bavaria

  • Prosit Neujahr - eastern Austria, Vienna

    Prost Neujahr - parts of western Germany

    (See Neujahrswünsche - Augsburg University )
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