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Learn German Greetings

Lesson 1.1


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The following is an overview of essential German greetings (Grüße) you need to know when encountering a German speaker. Though the casual way of addressing someone in German is included, these sayings should be reserved only for close friends and family. As a general rule, always use the more formal way of speaking when in Germany, namely with Sie (formal you) instead of du (familiar you). See more in Lesson 2.

Grüß dich!   casual
Grüß Gott!   In southern Germany and Austria.
Guten Tag.   Hello/Good Day.
Guten Morgen/Guten Abend.   Good morning/evening.
Bye! Auf Wiedersehen.
Auf Wiederhören.   Bye on the telephone.
Tschüss!   casual
Bis bald!   See you soon!
Bis später!   See you later!
How are you? Wie geht es Ihnen?   formal
Wie geht es dir?   casual
I'm fine.
I'm so-so.
I'm not doing well.
I'm doing better.
Es geht mir gut.
Es geht.
Es geht mir schlecht.
Es geht mir besser.
Excuse me! Entschuldigen Sie bitte!   formal
Entschuldigung!   casual
Pardon me? Wie bitte?
Please. Bitte.  See more on Thank you and You're Welcome in German.
Thank you. Danke.
I'm sorry. Es tut mit leid.
Really? Wirklich?
Nice to meet you. Sehr erfreut.
Take care Mach's gut.
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