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Readers Respond: Tips From Readers on How to Use German in Your Daily Life

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From the article: Ways To Improve Your German
How do you incorporate German into your daily life? As most German learners soon find out, taking a German course or courses is just not enough. To steadily progress one's level of German acquisition, learners need to be pro-active in their German study. How do you do it? For example what do you read, watch or participate in? Please share some German learning habits and tips that have been beneficial to you in improving your German.


I listen to Brecht / Weill, to Virginia Jetzt!, Wolf Biermann. This gives me a well-rounded Wortschatz that serves me well in various circumstances.

Uli Stein

I love to read comics, Uli Stein is for me the best one, in their book you can find very good sentence/jokes which helps with my german
—Guest loggio

German Radio

Each day at work, I listen to an hour or two of B5 Aktuell online. There's a link to it here on about.com or you can just google it. It's a news station, and in the few weeks I've been listening to it, I can tell I've gotten better at understanding spoken German. When there's a word that I hear a few times but don't know the meaning of, I just look it up on dict.cc. Also, I like to go to yahoo.de and read the headlines and read a story or two. For grammar, a couple times a week, I use a book called Schaum's Outlines - German Grammar that is great. It has good explanations of German grammatical rules and a ton of practice exercises.
—Guest Mikey


I found a German email (penpal). At first we started writing in English and German, sometimes correcting each others writing. Now we also Skype about once a week. Lots of fun!
—Guest Jennifer

Learning aids

I have noone to speak to on a regular basis in German. What I have done to increase my vocabulary is for instance switch my MSN homepage over to German, as well as facebook. This forces me to read German every time I get on it, and learn many new words.


Um deustch üben ich fernsehe und ihc sprache mit meinselbs. Gutten abend.
—Guest danny

Infinite Post-its!

For bettering your vocabulary of everyday objects I put Post-its on everything I can. But for words that aren't for everyday objects I do two things: 1-Make a rather comprehensive of list theme related words. 2-Review!!!!!
—Guest Wescott

language learning through video gaming

I have a favorite video game that I've been playing seit lange Zeit (for a long time). In the language settings I switched the game over to German. It's an online game as well so I use a German server where most of the other players chat in German.
—Guest Mike

About.com, German books and Iphone

I read and reread the messages of About.com, read e-books on my Kindle, and listen to RSS files on my Iphone.
—Guest Emerson, from Brazil


Ich bin Libanesiche, ich habe Vettern in Deutschland , versuche Ich immer meine E-Mails , in deutsch zu schreiben, ich liebe die Sprache, und ich war so glücklich, in Moosbrunn!
—Guest Juliette

To keep my german alive

I try to recount my daily routine at work and at home.I tell the weather of the day,traffic conditions on the road;all in German. Ramon
—Guest Ramon Sandoval

German Tips

For those who enjoyed "Schau Ins Land", the material has been revived under the Plan9 app for the iPhone.

Weekly audio from Deutsche Welle

I get the weekly audio and pdf articles from Deutsche Welle. On the weekend, I listen to the audio, read the text, and complete the exercises. Then I copy the audio to my mp3 player, and, every day that week, I listen to the articles on my way to and from work.

Ein Bisschen jeden Tag

(1) Listen to some German audio every day. CDs, tapes, MP3, or German radio. I always listen to German in my car when I'm driving. I have a CD Alarm Clock which starts playing first thing in a morning. Search the internet for "German Radio". (2) Practice 30 minutes reading and 30 minutes writing every day. Search the internet for "Kinderbücher". Buy a German-English dictionary. (3) Search the internet for "German Word Of The Day". There are several web sites which offer a fresh example sentence every day. (4) Write your shopping lists and "to do" lists in German. Even if your grammar isn't perfect, it does not matter. Use a German Calendar.
—Guest James C

Helping tourists

I often help German tourists in my city with directions, and my basic German that they can understand is often better than the English they try to speak. Even when they only speak English I can still pick they're German.
—Guest Amanda Witt
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